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Automation Services

Having your gates automated increases the investment made to your property, with the extra style and exclusivity of automatically operating gates. It's possible to automate existing Swing or Sliding gates too, so you do not need to purchase an entirely new system. Secure your home and commercial space through our new automation systems in Kerala.

We use FOXTECH.UK for automation services. FOXTECH.UK provide best quality and reliable Automatic gate opener systems. There are three main categories of Entrance Automation, Remote control gates, Automatic swing Gates, Automatic sliding Gates, Automatic boom barriers.

Gate Automation

We usually find that automatic gates cost less than people imagine. 25 years ago when automation was in its infancy it was truly the reserve of the mega rich to have their gates automated. Today with advances in manufacturing and technology, gate automation is within reach of many more people.

  • Increase the Security
  • No gates left open!
  • Gates can be locked in open or closed position
  • Greater convenience & improved quality of life

Automatic gates offer convenience and security as well as potentially increase the value of your home. No longer do you have to leave your premises unsecured, because it's too much hassle to get in and out of the car or home to secure the gate. Complete peace of mind with ease of use. Children play safely in the garden, your pets are kept off the street and you don’t even need to exit your vehicle or home to open the gate. Senior Members of the household such as your Parents can safely have access to the gate even from the comfort of their home irrespective of the weather around the clock.

Track Sliding Gates

When you want to save space, think of the evergreen Sliding gates! They are your panacea for saving space and yet having fully automated gate systems. Their linear movement makes their all-time favorite. They yield additional benefits of being versatile as single leaf or double leaf. They are widely opted in industrial, commercial, and residential units due to their non-encroaching design. Flare Automations holds expertise in using only the best grade of basic components of the systems. All tracks, brackets, guide rollers, wheels, bearings, etc are of the highest quality standards that are capable of standing the test of time. Automating Tracked Sliding Gates is an extremely precise task that requires the best technical skills combined with a detailed knowledge of mechanics because there are numerous factors like the size of the gates, the frequency, and intensity of usage, and the weather conditions that can affect the performance and the lifespan of these systems.

Sliding Gate

Home Automation

Cantilever Sliding Gates

These systems are designed and engineered with a strong emphasis on safety. In some particular places, it's simply not possible to install ground tracks. Let's take an example, at particular sites where the base ground is uncertain and may get exposed to dirt can easily create an issue of functioning of the automated gates. Another part that we have to consider is the Security that we can expect from Cantilever sliding gates. And that's why Cantilever Sliding Gates are perfect to face this nature of the situation. The automatic cantilever gates leaf is supported by a cantilever support carriage roller system and vertical steel posts for smooth functioning and stability. This high-quality carriage-based design is perfect for high-frequency gate usage and hence is preferred in many industrial and commercial spaces. You can install any type of fencing to match our gates. We can design and install the gates according to the specifications of our clients. Alternatively, you have the option of selecting from one of our many attractive designs.

Telescopic Sliding Gates

The Telescopic Sliding Gate system has recently mushroomed into a widely used one because of structural constraints and lack of room in many modern-day structures. Our range of two-part telescopic tracked sliding gates is our most economical type of telescopic gate, to fit openings of 6m (single) or 12m (bi-parting pair). This gate has a standard static drive system enclosed in a half-height post which also encloses the programmable control panel, and an integral steel rope or pulley system drives the second leaf. The design of the gate makes it possible to achieve optimum protection and maximum clear opening even in places where the back run is extremely limited. The gate has multiple gate sections which operate simultaneously at different speeds. A well-designed tailor-made Telescopic Sliding Gate can reduce the back run by up to 75% when you compare it with a traditional tracked sliding gate. Telescopic gates have extremely flexible constructions making them suitable for most applications. You can select from one of our many attractive and feasible designs.

Smart Gates

Automatic Gates

Swing Gates

Swing Gates is all about grandeur and class. The very sight of gates swinging open to greet you when you drive home is very appealing. While this may sound like a luxury, you have to take a look at our gates to know more. If you do not have enough lateral room to install sliding gates, then you can always opt for automated or manual swing gates to both secure as well as simplify your entry solution. You can choose from a single leaf or a double leaf design with a max length of up to 6 meters for a single leaf and up to 12 meters for a double leaf. All these gates open to a maximum of 90 degrees and this makes them perfect for high-risk security sites like residential places, commercial, industrial establishments, and more. At Flare we can automate or manually, design and manufacture these gates according to the specifications provided by the client or after analyzing the site requirements. Alternatively, you have the option of selecting from one of our many attractive designs.

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